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In-Person/Phone Readings 9 A.M. - 6 P.M.
Central Time:
Tuesday - Friday, 10 A.M. - 6 P.M. | Saturday 10 A.M. - 2 P.M.

(254) 680-7081

Client Selecting A Card

Let Us Reunite You with Loved Ones

Through Our Phone Spiritual Counseling Services

Heal yourself and reunite with loved ones when you choose our phone spiritual counseling services in Killeen, Texas. Our award-winning spiritual counselor offers expert counseling services and angel readings. Additionally,
D's Shun Spiritual Counseling
offers dream interpretation services to help you figure out what your dreams mean.
Contact us at (254) 680-7081 in Killeen, Texas, to speak with our counselor. International spiritual counseling are also available.

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Do You Need Legal Documents Signed Such as Car Titles Marriage Licenses, Etc?
I am a Notary (Call for More information)

These are Specialty Spiritual Counseling Classes at One Flat Rate

Fair Events

Call to see if I am in your town for a Spiritual Counseling fair event.


Hosting Spiritual Counseling Gallery events, Free spiritual counseling readings given to several people in audience. Call me for more information on dates and events. Call to schedule your seat early, Limited spacing available.

Medium $150- 45-60 Minutes

(families and pets)

Have you lost someone close to you that you still worry about?

Were they in pain?

How did they die?

Did they forgive me?

What are they doing?

Did I do the right thing?

Are they around me?

You may have many questions, Call me I can answer all questions through your loved one and much more. You may hear things from them that you may need closure on.

 Happy Family With Pet
Lady On Field
Life Directions $150- 45-60 minutes

Is your life all over the place right now?

Do you need answers because no matter what you do it never gets better?

Do you feel so lonely?

Call me so we can talk about this.

Pet Readings- Pictures Only $150- 45-60 Minutes

Do you need to know more about your pet's personality?
Do you need to know the last owner before your received the pet?
Do you need to know what is wrong with your pet?
Is your pet acting different?
Do you need to know the past life of your pet?
I have all the answers for you, give me a call and set your appointment today.

Reading Cards

People Enjoying Party

Angel Card Classes

Parties for any occasion

• Parties just for fun

• Birthday Parties

• Halloween Parties

• Christmas Parties

• Pet Psychic Party (pictures only)

• And Any Big Event
(Minimum of 5-20 people or more people; Call for prices;
Half as a down payment with no refund on the first half payment)

Automatic Writting $150-45-60 minutes

Automatic writing is a process that I use to write from my unconscious during my spiritual counseling reading. I will write down messages that they are unaware of, I approach this method through a trance like state which enables me to access other realms or dimensions. My abilities during the automatic writing may bring me names, events, and time frames. The most important feature to this process is spontaneity and the relinquishing of mental control.

A Man Writing In The Notebook

Locate Families or Pets $150 45-60mins

I have helped numerous of detectives locate missing children and families all over the world. I have also helped many clients locate their families or pets.

Sky - Spiritual Counseling

Angel Readings $150-45-60 minutes

Do you want to know who your angel is? Our counselor goes into a meditated state to contact the angel. We'll teach you have to connect and trust your angel.

Call us today at (254) 680-7081 in Killeen, Texas, to learn more about our phone spiritual counseling services.

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