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Dee does not mess around she is on point and exceptionally gifted it is so refreshing and comforting to have someone speak honestly and truthfully and respectfully to you out of love. you can tell she loves and respects her gifts and will love and respect you while sharing her gifts with you. A.J. Seattle
I just had my first reading with Dee all of the reviews that i read were right Dee is straight an to the point she will not tell you what you want to hear she tells you the truth. it was just amazing she is a wonderful person and a gifted psychic. Thank you Dee
Dee was extraordinary she's fast accurate and truthful and so very easy to talk to incredible experience i will be calling again and again.
I have been going to Dee for over 10 years I have my whole family now grown kids and frieand going to Dee 10 years she told me I will be having a baby girl and also told me my husband and i will make things work out guess what i had a baby going through a change a life just like Dee state you will not waste money going to her she is a real gifted godly sent woman and she is straight up and honest i call her and go to her she is accurate both way she is so gifted Dee stay the sweet and loving woman you are again thank you. B.W Jilleen, TX
She is straighforwar i loved it M.S. landover Hills
Dee is very down to earth and has amazing insight . M.G. Hollywood, Ca
A girlfriend told me about Dee and she was so amaze of her accuracy my family is very religious and she told me over the telephone that i know you not gonna like what i tell you but i have to tell you the truth you will get a divorce and within 2 years you will remarry and relocate well guess what i did get a divorce and did relocate and my new husband from that prediction my husband and I call Dee now for everything. Nina Portland , Or
I always call Dee on the telephone it a pleasure to talk to Dee she straight and to the point she's the only one I speak with when i need insight her readings give detail accuracy and even call her you will not regret it she save me money and give relaxation. Stephanie, Texas
She was right about my ex boyfriend. I took a trip to visit him nd she told me exactly how he was gonna act and how I should respond. I did just what she told me and knew how to respond when he did certain things and it turned out to be a great trip and very romantic. E. L. Cibolo
all i can say is one reading from this woman will make you addictive to call her again. P.C. Brentwood
I never met this woman for the last 3 years she have read me over the phone and she always be on point. what i love about her she just ask for your name and date of birth and she goes on with the reading whoa. Lisa Houston
I went to Dee office and ask for a domino reading this woman never met me and she told me my past, future and about my family member yes i will be back just with playing domino she knew everything. Danny Orlando, Fl
I will never forget her i have been going to her for over 15 years she is the best her voice so soothing and you just sit in the chair and she just tell you everything you have on the paper or in questions she is real. Connie Missouri
call her she is the real deal no waste of money no information she is real. Carl San Diego, Ca
I never had a coffee reading went to Dee and she she told me everything she even tape it and trust me i go over the tape and everything she said is coming to fast yes i will see her again, again i am addicted. Michelle, Texas
I am in the military and when i was in Iraq i call Dee and email her and both readings were accurate this woman predicted my first husband and my first child she told me i would make it back and i did thanks Dee.
Scott, Killeenf
I lost a child in Iraq heard about Dee and i did not tell her anything because i wanted to see if my friend story was right i ask her to put this on tape first thing she picked up was blood i knew then she was talking about my son who had died in Iraq she immediately close her ask and started crying herself and said you had a son he died in a war i said stop right there oh my god then she said do you want to get his message immediately i said yes she told me everything about my deceased son without me telling her anything this woman is above exactly thanks Dee | Marilyn, Seattle WA
I went to Dee in her office and i was so depressed she told me luck is own go play bingo or just get 3 lottery tickets i followed her advice and play bingo a bill was due and i did not have faith i could pay it guess what it got paid. Willie, Killeen, TX
Dee told me about a job fair coming to town and i went and i am now employed an been unemployed for 18 months she told me exactly what i was gonna be doing this woman is real and made a believer out of me. Tony, Killeen,

I went to Dee because my dog was missing never went to a psychic before and I was a mess. I had a small dog name chicko and I was just a mess when I went to Dee. The first thing she said before I asked her anything was it will be alright, I looked at her crying how do you know? She said you lost something special and still I looked at this woman because I have not said a word. Than I sat down and she ask no question just read as she told me to close my eyes because something is missing and it is small. Did you loose your dog, small dog?

She told me the person who took him but she also told me to put a small reward up just to let them know you will pay. She said you will not give the reward out but you will get leads she told me about a store call Iga and she said I see a dog pound near their. I looked at her like 'dog pound near Iga' so, I ask my friends and guess what Iga was not far from the human society and she was right. I got my dog back and it was at the dog pound near Iga this woman is Awesome! I did not tell her anything she told me everything go to her if you lost a pet trust me she will find it or tell you the truth about your situation. All I can say is she is so real and I never been to a psychic before but, now I go to her for everything. S.K.Killeen

This woman ask no questions she just ask you to sit in front of her and she go with her spirit guides. I have been to many psychic readers all over the world because I am military and never met someone like this before so real so soothing this woman is passionate, open, straightforward. She tell you like it is but, trust me it is the truth. I just look at this woman because I did not have nothing to say she answered all questions for me. M.W. Killeen
You want talk to a real psychic I used her both ways over the phone and in person. She is the best psychic ever she will relieve your mind and help you will your life direction. Kelly Washington D.C.

When you ready for the truth call Dee she is real. In San Diego California

All I can say is she is the real deal. L.M. Oklahoma City
My name is Jeanna i was a mess all negetive was coming my way i went to Dee and i ask her what to do she suggested that i do a Egg Cleansing i did it and i feel clean and free and now peoples are looking at me in a postive way and my negetive thinking is now positive if you have things going wrong in your life go to Dee she have the magic thanks Dee for your suggestion I AM FREE; thanks you are an angel. Jeanna killeen,tx
I went to Dee tarot classes and now i am doing things as a business of my own she is patient and you learn very quickly thanks Dee for your lessons. Lydia Killeen, Tx
My pet was sick i went to Dee with only a picture she told me everything about my horse. thanks,killeen, Tx
I went to one of Dee medation classes and it was wonderful. laura killeen, tx
Dee is worth what she charge i did a phone reading awesome, los angelos, Ca
Call and hear for yourself.Excellent she will astound you. stubby/lubbock texas
her insight is awesome sorry took so long to give feedback. Dennise/Maryland
Thanks Dee for commicating with my mom and my Dog you were spot on will call again. candance/new york
Girl I don't understand how you are so spot on with your readings on the phone he did come back in 90 days
like you told me and now we are engage I did not beleive you but you are the best and so real and honest thanks again for putting up with me. Tammy/ cananda
Dee is very underrated and you don't realize speaking to her how very good she really is. I like that about her. Our reading was very exceptional, and in line with others psychic. She knew many things. Kathleen, Ca.
Thank you for always being in my corner there were times that I thought that any decison made by me was wrong, but with your spirtual guidlings, things has turned around 180% I can't begin to express the hope that you put into my heart. you're wonderful. Love Kenyada, MS.
Thank you for everything. Paul Nebraska

religious there is a diffence people, went into this experience with an open heart and soul both my wife and I belive whole heartedly in the after life and know we are constantly surrounded by spiritual guides who love and protect us. The feeling and energy I felt upon meeting Dee for the first time, immediately reinforced our decision to meet with her. As we sat down Dee began to explain how she came to understand and embrace her gift. Again, this was just more affirmation that we were where we belonged at that moment. Within moments of beginning our reading, and without a single question, she welcomed the spirit of our unborn baby girl. For obvious reasons my wife and I were overcome with emotion, and of course Dee was empathetic and reassuring, letting us know right away that our little girl was at peace with other members of our family who had passed previously. She went on to share other messages and information that reinforced, and or coincided with other aspects of our life. Information she had no way of knowing, and had not asked questions, that would have led her to those ideas or conclusions. Dee Milton is without question a beautiful and gifted spirit she was honest even if the news was not especially pleasant, and she shared in the joy of love and peace that was communicated through her. Meeting with Dee was easily the best decision we made in 2012, and I am confident we will meet with her again in the future. Thank you Dee, for bringing our baby girl home.
The rubio's killeen, tx & Dee

Thank you for always being in my corner. There were times that I thought that any decision made by me was wrong, but with your counsel, things has turned around 180% As a promised, a pictured of my son "my miracle baby" I can't begin to express the hope that you put into my heart. your're wonderful: Love Keyada Missippi